chatroulette by loveroulette
chatroulette by loveroulette



Chatroulette has been reinvented by Loveroulette in 2012. Transforming the popular “roulette style” video chat into a totally new experience.

While keeping untouched the traditional chat roulette style system, which let you get connected with randomly picked unknown users.

Note, our roulette chat girls video chat, will surprise you with totally unique features and improvements.

Loveroulette’s chatroulette is the preferred choice of thousands of users daily.

Also, people from all over the world meet here every day, enjoying the total safety and privacy given by our advanced Chatroulette technology.

Keep in kind, that our roulette cam, will simply transform the way you make new friends online:

and it will be fun!



Loveroulette’s chat roulette was created not only to deliver you unlimited fun.

But also to do so in total safety and in respect of your privacy.

Reason why, our  roulette cam girls platform, is very different from similar ones you may find on the internet.

Our chat roulette chat girls platform offers four levels of security which include:

Cloudflare CDN technology, SSL certification and Secure Hosting servers.

All this done to guarantee the best online chatroulette experience to everyone.

Listed below, find the other unique features that make our chatroulette so special:

  • Full HD video chat connection.
  • Automatic translation of text messages.
  • Default female/male genders filters.
  • Add-Friend option.
  • Direct video calls.
  • Report button.
  • Free trial option.
  • Cheapest premium deals.
  • Send gifts to female users.



Loveroulette is a chatroulette alternative platform that can be used on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet.

You can join directly from the website or by downloading the APP from the AppStore and GooglePlay.

As in every chat roulette alternatives, in just few clicks you are immediately connected to a random user into a full HD video chat.

You can either use your mic to talk to your chat partner, or use the text messaging box.

The text messages in the roulette cam are automatically translated from and to your selected language.

Making possible for everyone, to easily communicate with people from different countries.

Our roulette chat alternative is based on a two genders unique system!

Male users can meet only female users and vice-versa.

This special chatroulette feature ensure that you will only and always meet people from the opposite sex.



Remember, with the simple click of the button “NEXT” on our roulette chat the fun began!

Note, you will immediately be shuffled and reconnected with the next chatroulette user.

Also, if you find a charming partner and you want to make sure to meet again and to keep in touch…

…simply send a “FRIEND REQUEST”…

Also, once accepted the user will be added to your chat roulette cam friend list.

From then on, you will be able to see the online/offline status, send messages and make direct video calls.



Loveroulette’s chatroulette video chat let you enjoy all the benefits while keeping your soul at total peace.

When connected into a roulette cam session, your P2P connection is completely encrypted.

Also, only you and your partner can see hear, and read the conversation on chat roulette:

note that there are no admins peeping or checking your live communications.

Creating your personal profile using a nick name, also ensure your real identity is well hidden

Bisides, the same goes for the age range instead of specific birthday and age.

Further, being able to use your chatroulette friend list, for direct messages and calls, avoid the need to share other personal data.

To keep in touch with your preferred chat pals.

However, keep in mind that politeness and respect, are at the base of our online video chat platform roulette cam:

be always a gentleman and a polite lady.

Every user also has the possibility to report an account if the behaviour of the matching user is not compliant with the roulette chat rules.

Also, remember: our Loveroulette is for 18+ only.



We consider our roulette cam style platform the perfect mix between a chatroulette and a random chat.

Even if the two may sound and look very similar, there are few differences that make the two systems somehow independent and specific.

While the chat roulette style platforms may give you the opportunity to meet random users.

They lack the opportunity to build a friend list and create your own small social network.

On the other side, the roulette chat style video chats, may offer few social features.

But they may lack the gender filters or the premium membership.

Wich both of this features can transform completely your user chatroulette experience.

For these exact reasons, we created Loveroulette.

By fusing the best features and characteristics from all the available platforms.

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