Based on the chatrandom style, Loveroulette.net was created in the year 2012 to bring to the general international public the high quality of a unique chatting platform never seen before on the web.

We worked for months to make sure that the system would be appealing for different cultural backgrounds.

We also considered the differences that a chatrandom may need to present in respect of different countries and languages.

To ensure such a result, we hired a multicultural team, young boys and girls that are still the core of our company today.

Some from Europe, which shared their expertise on the French based chatrandom. Some from the East, expert on the original chatrandom platform.

And finally, some from Asia, with top quality know-how on the international financial system.

All this to transform the barely known chatrandom alternative chat into the widely recognized Loveroulette.net



Q: How this random chat can allow you to enjoy online-dating with strangers from all over the world?

A: The chatrandom based chat is a completely anonymous chatting platform. You are randomly connected with thousands unknown users from every side of the globe.

Q: Why chat random is an attractive alternative to regular dating sites?

A: The thrill given by the chance to meet completely strangers is unique. Chatrandom let you enjoy online romance with a fun twist.

Q: Why should I use this random chat?

A: Chatrandom can be the answer to loneliness, a perfect tool to make new friends, the different option to have a romantic online date.

Q: Is it possible to enjoy the video chat without registration on chatrandom?

A: Absolutely, our chat random offers a totally free trial option as well as a guest access. You can try it first, for as long as you wish, without commitments.

Q: Do I need a webcam to join this random chat?

A: Yes, having a good quality webcam it is essential to join the chatrandom complete features. Most modern devices already come with an integrated camera. You can also use your mobile phone.

Q: Why should I always show my face on camera on chatrandom?

A: pointing the camera on your face is requested by our chat random system, which automatically detect your eyes. This to ensue your random partner will first see your face, a perfect way to introduce yourself. After few seconds, the camera can be pointed anywhere else, to bring the whole random chat fun into action.

Q: Why the video doesn’t work on chat random?

A: At times, a slow internet connection can prevent the video feature to be launched. Also, make sure to ALLOW the usage of mic and camera on your device. The web-camera may be busy, being used by another application: make sure to close them all. If the issue persists, reload the browser window and/or test the webcam on another application. Restarting your device may solve the issue quickly.

Q: Can you get banned on this random chat?

A: Yes. on our chatrandom we take in high consideration the mutual respect on its platform. Unpolite behaviour may trigger to be reported by another user. We do not have admins monitoring the video chats.

Q: Which actions can trigger the report and ban on chatrandom?

A:  Few simple rules help you to avoid getting banned. Make sure you are 18+. Use polite speech and avoid hate or rude words. Profanity isn’t welcome on our chat random. Point the webcam always on your face during the search. Like in real life, also online, basic educated manners should be put in place. Keep our random chat a safe and fun place for you and for the others!





Chat random alternative offers a unique online support chat.

Its operators are always online, 24/7 and 365 days per year. Just open your friends list, and you will find both support profiles: general support for chat random related questions and features help.

Financial support for questions related to membership and user payments, minutes spent or gained, and gifts sent or received.

Such a professional support is also another quality that makes our random chat completely safe, trusted and loved chatrandom all over the world.

random chat support

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